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Dunn Energy Cooperative

Is Community Solar for You?


Our power supplier, Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC), has contracted with SoCore Energy to construct a 1 megawatt solar array just south of Menomonie near our Downsville Substation. Since SoCore will be onsite building a project, we were able to contract with them to construct our 100 kilowatt project at the same site. This will allow for a cost of $650 per unit! The technology that SoCore will be using will produce about 394 kWh’s per year per 250-watt increment. So the bottom line is the community solar project will be cost effective and last 25 years. Is this for you?

If you want to lock in your electricity at approximately .07 cents per kilowatt* hour for the next 25 years, this solar energy project is for you.

If you want locally sourced energy, this solar energy project is for you.

If you want to help reduce your carbon footprint, this solar energy project is for you.

Call Jesse at 715-232-6240 or email him at housej@dunnenergy.com to learn more about Community Solar. There are only 200 units left to sell in this community solar project! Subscribe today to ensure your spot. Visit our website at www.dunnenergy.com for more information.


*$650 is the upfront cost for the output from a 250-watt unit for 25 years. That 250-watt unit is projected to produce 9,186 kwh’s of electricity over the 25 year term of the contract. So to calculate the amount that those kilowatt hours actually cost you, you divide your cost of $650 by the output you received 9,186 so the cost of that energy is 7.2 cents. 


Community Solar FAQs



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