What is Load Management?

Load management is a voluntary program that members with qualifying electrical loads can participate in to help reduce energy demand during peak electrical demand or when prices are high on the energy market. Members participating in the program earn either a flat credit or a reduced kilowatt rate.

There are several different ways to participate in our Load Management program. You can get a flat credit on your electric bill for allowing us to control your electric water heater or central A/C unit. If you have hard-wired electric heat you can choose to have that sub-metered along with the water heater and A/C unit and receive a discounted per kilowatt rate.

When does dual fuel load control take place? 

Before you make that decision though, you might want to know when we will control your items on the program. During the summer, we typically control from 2-6 p.m. during the week. During the winter months, controls will typically be seen in the morning hours (7-10 a.m.). Controls will not happen every day. The times are dictated by regional demand and to avoid purchasing energy at high prices on the regional market.

The test of the Dual Fuel System will take place yearly on the Wednesday the week before Thanksgiving. This is done for members to make sure their alternate heating systems are in place and for us to make sure our equipment is working. Controls will begin at 5 p.m. and be restored at 10 p.m. Please call our office at 715-232-6240 with any questions.

The Details:

Dual Fuel Heating
Two fuels can heat better than one. This program combines reliable clean electric heat with another heating source such as electric storage, gas, oil, or wood. For allowing Dunn Energy this privilege you receive a rate nearly half the general service rate. In order to participate in this program, members must have a hard-wired electric heat source and be willing to have a sub-meter, CT, and relay installed at the member's expense. 

Water Heater Load Management
Continuing our efforts to use our electricity efficiently, we offer load control for your water heater. The water heater must be electric and at least 50 gallons. Members participating receive a $4 credit on their electric bill, as long as the member is using 400 kW per month. Dunn Energy installs and maintains the receiver at no cost to the member. Water heaters participate in the economic controls, which are different than off-peak controls. They are typically controlled sometime between 4-10 p.m. depending on water heater sizing.

Air Conditioning Load Management
Members can save $24 per year by participating in our load management program for central air conditioners. The load control strategy will cycle the A/C unit 15 minutes on and off during peak demand times. Dunn Energy installs and maintains the receiver at no cost to the member.

If you are interested in participating in the Load Management program, please call the office for more information and to make an appointment with our Load Management Technician.

Commercial & Ag Load Control Status

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Residential Load Control Status

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