One of the founding principles of your electric co-op is neighbors helping neighbors. Our cooperative is in touch with the communities we serve.  Our directors and employees live in these communities. That's why we work hard to achieve a better quality of life for our member-owners.

It was in that spirit that Operation Round Up was launched. Operation Round Up is a program designed to raise funds for charitable organizations and educational purposes. As the name suggests, participating member's bills are rounded up to the nearest dollar. On average the annual donation will be around $6. One hundred percent of the money is given to local concerns with no funds used for electric bills, administrative costs, or political purposes. A simple application to the independent board overseeing the Operation Round Up is all that is needed to apply for funds. 

Collectively, and for just pennies a month, we can make a difference in our communities!

Giving Guidelines

Application for Funds

2022 Grants Awarded

Are you applying for a grant? Here are some things you should know:

Evaluation factors are:

  • Generally awarded to non-profit programs, projects, and organizations that improve the quality of life in our local communities and

  • Emphasize: public safety, health care, self-sufficiency, basic human needs, our cultural environment, community leadership and social issues for youth.

  • Only one grant per year will be awarded to an organization.

Funding restrictions:
Contributions are generally not awarded to:

  • lobbying

  • political causes

  • religious causes

  • veteran organizations

  • fraternal organizations

  • fundraising dinners

  • raffles or events

  • individuals

  • capital fund campaigns

  • scholarship programs

  • general operating funds

  • national fund drives

  • advertising

Application deadlines are:

March 31

June 30

September 30

December 31

You will be notified about the determination of your application approximately two weeks after the deadline. 

If you no longer want to participate in Operation Round Up, you can log in to your SmartHub account and unenroll under the Billing & Payments menu. Or you can call the office at 715-232-6240 and ask to be taken off the program. 

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