Looking for more information on the snazzy new bill design you recently received? You can find a full spread in your May Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News magazine or check out the About My Bill page. If you have questions, please feel free to give the office a call at 715-232-6240

Rebates and Incentives

For information on rebates and incentives on energy-efficient home appliances, heating and air conditioning.

Outage and Storm Center

Find storm preparedness and outage information, including our outage map, here.

Load Management

Load management is a voluntary program that members with qualifying electrical loads can participate in to curb demand during peak electrical use times or when energy prices are high.

SmartHub Login

Go paperless! View, pay, and manage your electric account online. It’s convenient, free, and simple to use. Plus, it helps conserve our natural resources.

  • First-time users: make sure to have your full account number handy. You will need that to create your account
  • Pay by debit/credit card, electronic check, or automatic withdrawal from your bank account

Know What's Below

Be safe this summer season and call Diggers Hotline before doing any excavating. Diggers Hotline is a free service that you use before you do any digging to make sure you don't damage any underground lines.

Plan to call at least 3 business days before your project is set to begin. Having your underground lines located can save you from a costly or dangerous mistake. It's also the law. 

What's Powering You Today

Electricity is delivered to our homes & businesses through a complex network of electric generation sources and thousands of miles of electrical lines. MISO is responsible for operating the power grid across 15 U.S. states, including Wisconsin.

To view which power-generating sources are carrying the load to your home, click below for a real-time display.