To help you find what rebates you qualify for we've broken the incentives down into three categories:

In-Home includes appliances, water heating, heating & cooling, as well as energy-efficient lighting.

Commercial & Ag includes exhaust and circulation fans, VFDs, plate coolers, and more. 

Home Performance includes energy audits as well as Energy Star-rated home incentives. 

To check to see if there is a tax credit available to you as well, visit the tax credit summary page here


Head to the Renewable Energy page for incentives on renewable energy and electric vehicle incentives.

In-Home Rebates

We have rebates on appliances, water heating and conservation, your HVAC system, and energy efficient lighting. 

Commercial & Agricultural Incentives

We have incentives on exhaust and circulation fans, plate coolers, VFDs, and more!

Home Performance

We offer incentives on building Energy Star rated homes and whole-house audits on existing homes.