Member-owned Renewable Energy Installations

Dunn Energy Cooperative, along with Dairyland Power Cooperative, has limited the maximum size of member-owned renewable energy installations to 20kW (AC) or less. 

How do I get started?

  • Contact our Energy Specialist to make sure your project qualifies
  • Fill out and submit the Distributed Generation application (below)
  • Pay the $150 application fee. This will be charged to your next electric bill and is due before the start of your project.
  • Contact your township's building inspector for any required permits/inspections 

How do I start producing power?

  • Once your system is installed, make an appointment for the final anti-island inspection
  • Pay the $150 commissioning fee

DG Booklet      

Electrical Contractor's Affidavit

Sub Meter Off-Peak w/Production Meter Diagram

Community-Owned Solar


SunDEC is Dunn Energy Cooperative's 100kW Community Solar array. The array is located southeast of Menomonie on 370th Avenue in the Town of Dunn. SunDEC went into operation in February of 2017 and is built on the same site as the Dairyland Power Cooperative 1 Megawatt solar array.

Please click on the production graphic to see real-time energy production at SunDEC Community Solar