Dunn Energy does everything it can to avoid interruptions in your electric service.  Unfortunately, sometimes there are situations beyond our control that cause power outages—severe weather such as lightning storms, freezing rain or snow; vehicle accidents; unforeseen equipment failures; tree branches touching power lines; and critters, to name a few.

If your power goes out or if you are aware of an emergency situation, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-924-0630.

Outage and Storm Safety

  • If you see downed or damaged power lines, stay back and call Dunn Energy immediately at 800-924-0630.

  • Limit the use of your freezer and refrigerator during extended storm outages. Food will remain frozen for up to 48 hours if the doors remain closed and the unit is in good working condition.

  • Contact Dunn Energy as soon as possible when your power goes out, no matter how many homes in your area appear to be affected by the outage.

  • Appliances and electronics are extremely sensitive to electrical spikes from lightning or other faults. Before electrical storms, disconnect these items from the electrical source.

  • Keep a storm kit at home and in your car with extra flashlights, batteries, bottled water, and canned food.

  • Improperly installed emergency power generators can expose your family to carbon monoxide poisoning and our crews to severe injury – or even death. For more information, contact Dunn Energy at 715-232-6240.

  • Follow manufacturer instructions for generator inspections and maintenance.

Dunn Energy works year-round to provide reliable electric power. We trim trees in the rights-of-way to avoid outages and safety hazards. However, the most common causes of outages are out of our hands. Animals, snow, ice, car accidents, and lightning are often the main causes of outages and power blinks.

During the instance of a planned outage, when we know in advance that we have to take an outage to fix equipment, we will call members to let them know they will be affected. Is the contact information that we have for you correct? On your monthly billing statement you should verify that the phone number we have on file is the one you would like us to contact you at.

You can help avoid outages by calling 811 at least three days before you dig. Diggers Hotline will contact all of the utilities in your area so they can mark their lines. In Wisconsin it's the law.